Fake News CNN and the Gun Control Debate. Episode 50

M4A Audio [22 MB]DownloadShow URL CNN denies giving scripted questions after being accused of it by a student who was invited to a town hall and then refused to participate after CNN wanted him to […] Read More

Parkland, Russian Trolls, and Palestine. Episode 49

Today we discuss the Parkland Florida shooting, The results of the Russian collusion investigation and a little bit on Palestine.

The FISA Memo – Make America Great Again Episode 48

This is the official FISA Memo, declassified by President Trump, read aloud by me.

Are You Ready for Civil War? Episode 047

I cover a few different subjects including the FISA memo, DACA, and President Trump’s arrival at WEF. #ReleaseTheMemo #NotaBot Thanks for listening!

The Russian Collusion Narrative, Episode 46

In this episode we discuss Fusion-GPS, the Steele Dossier, and how the Obama administration used Hillary’s oppo research as evidence to gain a FISA warrant for the surveillance of Donald Trump and his associates.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Episode 45

Is this episode we go over what is in the final Tax Cuts and Jobs act, and how it will effect your pocketbook.

Saudi Arabia and the Las Vegas Connection. Episode 44

I discuss Saudi Arabia and the connection between it and the Las Vegas shooting.

Alwaleed bin Talal AKA “Dopey Prince” gets Arrested. Episode 43

Thats right, the “Dopey Prince” that has for far to long used his money to corrupt our political system is now under arrest. Three words, lock her up. If he can go to jail, so can she. He was the largest Saudi investor in the USA. He paid for Barack Obama’s college, and presidential campaign. He chose his cabinet. He has promoted Wahhabism Islam for 20 years. He is somewhat responsible for terrorism as we know it. Also, Donna Brazile grows a pair, and Dems screw up bigly with their racist talking points.

Stephen Paddock, what an asshole. Episode 42

Is this episode we explore what an immense prick this Stephen Paddock guy is. Kills a bunch of people an dies before even telling us why. Is he a patsy? Is this a false flag? Was he Antifa? One things for sure, he was an asshole.

Death Threats, Seth Rich and Jeff Sessions. Episode 041

On this podcast I discuss recent death threats I have received as a result of my last podcast concerning Seth Rich, and another 49 people who mysteriously died surrounding the Clintons. Sorry for the 3 week delay, I needed to wait for my concealed carry permit to get approved before I felt like taking the chance of another podcast. In other news, Jeff Sessions tells the liberals to fuck off, and Bill Clinton is still a rapist. MAGA bitch.