The Knock on the Door: Feds launch terrifying raids & deportations of asylum seekers including children

On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, host Brian Becker addresses the recent wave of night-time raids, arrests, and deportations from the United States of immigrants from Central America. He is joined by Juan Jose Gutierrez, the director of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition to discuss why the Obama Administration has launched the latest crackdown after deporting a record number immigrants during his administration.

In the second segment, we turn to Baltimore where today jury selection is expected to begin in the trial of the second of six officers prosecuted in the death of Freddie Gray last year. Becker is joined for this discussion by Eddie Conway, who served as the Minister of Defense for the Baltimore branch of the Black Panther Party and served a 43-year sentence for the alleged murder of a police officer, leading many to label him a political prisoner.

Finally, we turn to the Patriot movement militia’s occupation of a federal building in Oregon, and hear an indigenous people’s perspective from Jacqueline Keeler, an Oregon-based activist. Keeler helps explain the history of land loss experienced by the indigenous people of the area and addresses who actually has a right to the land under dispute.