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1/10/20 Gareth Porter on Mike Pompeo’s Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Gareth Porter joins Scott once again to discuss what he calls Mike Pompeo’s “Gulf of Tonkin incident.” In the real Gulf of Tonkin incident, McNamara intentionally misled President Johnson in order to incite war between the U.S. and North Vietnam.

1/10/20 Cliff Maloney on Waking Americans up to the Liberty Message

Cliff Maloney of Young Americans for Liberty talks about the disaster of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and how to bring more Americans around to the antiwar position. Luckily, he says, a great majority of people already oppose the wars in Ira…

1/10/20 Robert Naiman on the new War Powers Resolutions

Scott talks to Robert Naiman about the efforts in congress and the senate to oppose the war in Yemen and stymie any escalation in a conflict with Iran. Naiman is optimistic that a concurrent resolution against the war in Yemen,

1/10/20 Francis Boyle on the Real Reason to Impeach Trump

Francis Boyle explains why President Trump should be impeached—not for the charges of corruption and abuse of power in Ukraine, but for his war crimes in continuing the aggressive wars of the Bush and Obama administrations.