Assad and the Arab Spring. Episode 34

Assad and the Arab Spring. Episode 34

On April 13th, 2017, the U.S. military dropped a massive 21,000-pound bomb on ISIS tunnels in eastern Afghanistan called the Mother of all bombs or moab. It cost 16 million dollars to make, and 300 million to develop. It has a 1 mile blast radius, and broke windows hundred of miles away. It was the first time we have used a bomb this large in combat since WW2. Trump has checked off another campaign promise to “Bomb the shit out of ISIS”.

The ISIS cave network we bombed was built by Osama Bin Laden with the help of the CIA. When we were paying the mujahedeen to fight the Russian occupation in Afghanistan, Osama brought in dozens of expensive construction equipment from his fathers construction company to create the network of caves and hideouts.

“The cave complex had been so refined that it was said to have its own ventilation system and a power system created by a series of hydroelectric generators. Tora Bora’s walls and the floors of its hundreds of rooms were finished and smooth and extended some 350 yards into the granite mountain that enveloped them.”

Makes you wonder where the middle east would be without the CIA meddling in its affairs. In this instance, we wouldn’t have had to waste 16 million dollars destroying a cave network we funded the creation of. We spent over 500 million dollars on this future ISIS group. The group that claimed responsibility for 9/11.

After 9/11, the US decided to stop funding the terrorist organization it had created, but the bill was picked up by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and others.

“Everybody knows the money is going through Kuwait and that it’s coming from the Arab Gulf,” said Andrew Tabler, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “Kuwait’s banking system and its money changers have long been a huge problem because they are a major conduit for money to extremist groups in Syria and now Iraq.”

After we took Saddam out of power, we told his baathist political party they were not allowed to be a part of the newly formed government in Iraq. So the former ruling elite, with no place to go, joined up with ISIS. This was after Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq in 2011.

The CIA then orchestrated the Arab Spring in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria. Using the same tactics they used to destabilize South American countries in the past. We paid for it with the 8 billion dollars lost while “rebuiling Iraq”. They objective was just to create chaos and disorder, therefore strengthening our ally Israel. The same ally we spend 3 billion a year on, who has over 200 nukes, refuses to let UN inspectors in, and regularly commits war crimes with the use depleted uranium and phosphorus weapons.

The fall of Libya was orchestrated by the US as well. First we funded the rebels that were against Gaddafi in 2011. The newly funded Ansar Al-Sharia then attacked our embassy and killed our ambassador as well as his security force. Hillary Clinton had provided the funding to these rebels to oust Gaddafi, which they did successfully. Now Libya is a failed state just like we wanted. With it being controlled by three rival rebel groups, the real power lies in the hands of armed militias. The slave trade is now alive and booming in Libya as well. Often migrants coming from Africa are captured or tricked into becoming slaves.

That brings us to Syria. The last of a dying breed of moderate muslim countries. Which is really what this is all about. We want our ally Saudi Arabia to be the only muslim power in the middle east. Every other country mentioned here as well as Iran are standing in the way of that. Saudi Arabia is the entire reason we have terrorism. about 100 royal family members who run Saudi Arabia have spent billions of US funds to create wahhabist schools through out the middle east. These schools are nothing more than terrorist training camps for children. Wikileaks released an email from Hillary where she said, “donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” This was while she was Secretary of State.

Assad became president in 2000 after his fathers death. 11 years later, as part of the “Arab Spring”, Syrians started protesting his dictatorship. Assad saw what had happened to other nations, including the anal raped death of Gaddafi in the streets. He decided he wasn’t going out that way and fought back against the rebels that wanted him to step down and have democratic elections. You see, much like Saddam, Assad is secular. When you have a democratic election in a muslim country, you’re going to get a muslim leader. That never seems to work out in any other country. By being a secular dictator, both Assad, and formerly Saddam could keep the different muslim sects from killing each other constantly. As soon as you put one in charge over another, you get ISIS or something like it.

So first Syrias own rebels and army deserters formed the Free Syrian Army to fight Assad. Then Al-Qaeda went into Syria and split into two groups, al-Nusra and ISIS, because they couldn’t agree on what to do. So the legitimate government of Syria has 3 sets of enemies attacking them. Those three enemies sometimes get along, and sometimes don’t. And of course, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey fund all three of them and supply them with air support when we can. Assad’s forces have retreated to the major cities like Damascus. If and when Assad’s regime falls, who do you think will be there to pick up the pieces? It’s a who’s who of the worst actors in the region when it comes to destabilizing countries and supporting terrorism. After all, it worked out so well for Iraq and Libya right? We cant let our government propel us into another war.

As far as the gas attacks on civilians go, I don’t think Assad was responsible for them. There has never been a proper investigation by the UN on either this one, or the one in 2013 that was also blamed on Assad. Mean while, he has three enemy rebel groups that don’t have to answer to the international community. They can kill people however they want. For Assad to have committed this last gas attack would have been nothing short of retarded. He was weeks away from a stable Syria, his armies were turning the tied on the rebel groups with the help of the Russians. The gas attack conveniently blamed on Assad came at the perfect time for us to get those rebel groups back on the winning side. We chose to bomb a major airbase that was being used to fight off ISIS and Al-Qaeda rebels with 150 million in Tomahawk missiles. It did not benefit anyone except Assad’s enemies. Donald Trump has stated since that a regime change is needed and that Assad is a butcher. This was all a result of President Trump seeing dead babies on the news dying of toxic gas, as well as Ivanka begging her father to “do something”. Well he did, and in the process he has joined the many presidents before him in taking his seat at the military industrial complex table.

Assad was talking with Charlie Rose of CBS news and said this concerning the attacks.

“It’s not traditional war. It’s not about capturing land and gaining land. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of the Syrians. We cannot win the heart and minds of the Syrians while we are killing Syrians. We cannot sustain four years in that position as a government. And me as president, while the rest of the world, most of the world, the great powers, the regional power, are against me and my people are against me. That’s impossible. I mean this logic has no leg to stand on. So this is not realistic and this is against our interests as government is to kill the people. What do we get? What the benefit of killing the people?”

Assad stated in another more recent interview that Trump has to chosen to become a part of the deep state, lets hope he is wrong.




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