His name was Seth Rich, Episode 40

His name was Seth Rich.

“I have an enormous interest in public service and working towards making the world a better place,”

He was a college graduate with a degree in Political Science focusing on Public Policy and History. He had just scored his dream job with Clinton’s national campaign team. He had also just sent 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, to Gavin MacFadyen, director of Wikileaks.

He was shot in the back and died of his injuries even though he was shot minutes from 2 hospitals and had a 95% chance of survival. The FBI oddly enough took his laptop and “lost it”. Wikileaks started publishing DNC emails on July 22, 12 days after Rich was murdered. An anonymous source has come forward to the Rich’s private investigator Rod Wheeler and said the Seth was indeed the leaker of the DNC emails.

In this podcast, I cover not only the inconsistencies with the police reports but also the 51 other deaths attributed to Hillary Clinton during his lifetime. A few names of the dead including John Ashe, Victor Thorne, Shawn Lucas, and Monica Peterson. I feel obligated to say, I’m neither suicidal nor have any plans of flying anytime soon, so if I end up dead from a plane crash or a gunshot to the head, blame Hillary Clinton.

Comey, you’re fired! Episode 39

Former president Obama, the Clintons, Susan Rice, and many others are assuredly not having a good week. James Comey was the guy keeping them from being investigated further. In the case of Hillary Clinton, its not even a question of wrong doing, it was a question of intent. Unfortunately for her, intent doesn’t matter to anyone except Comey. He has already stated in front of congress that she did commit crimes, just that she didn’t intend to. He used the same reasoning for not convicting Huma of sharing classified documents with her pedophile husband Anthony Wiener. That recent statement, along with his unwillingness to name the unmaskers of Trumps transition team, is what finally got him fired. Don’t worry about him though. He is currently worth 11 million dollars. Im sure he earned every penny legally.

The media of course is going nuts over this. Even though countless democrats and news pundits have called for James Comey’s firing over the past year, they all freaked out when it happened. They are trying to say that Trump fired Comey because he refused to close the Russia collusion case or some non-sense. In reality, Comey should have been fired Trump’s first day in office. He wanted to give him a chance to be patriot and do his job. He refused to do so. The final straw the broke the camel’s back was the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He was finally confirmed on April 25th, and within a couple weeks had figured out Comey had to go if there was going to be any justice served for the American people. He came to President Trump and suggested the firing. Trump asked him and AG Jeff Sessions to put their opinions in writing so he could have something official to point to, and then proceeded to fire Comey when he was out of town in California. He was talking to a group of agents when he got the news. He actually saw it on television that he was fired, and joked about it before being pulled aside and handed his letter of removal by one of Trumps trusted associates. When Stephen Colbert told his audience the news of James Comey’s firing, they cheered. He has to correct them and accused them of being Trump supporters. You cant blame them though. They have been told plenty of times in the last 6 months that Comey was reason why Hillary wasn’t elected, and that he was awful and needed to be fired. Apparently he just shouldn’t have been fired by Trump. If Donald cured cancer today, they would blame him for the now out-of-work cancer research community. Former Clinton campaign manager and current pedophile John Podesta had called for James Comey’s firing the morning it happened, and then proceeded to be angry about Trump doing it afterwards. You can’t win with these people.

Trump doesn’t care about what the media says anymore though. He met with two “scary Russian diplomats” the day after firing Comey. This might have been coincidental, or it was planned to thumb his nose at the Russian narrative the media keeps pushing. Either way, he is tired of having to pretend like the Russians are the boogeymen just because the media says so. The real boogeyman is Saudi Arabia, the creator and supporter of muslim extremists everywhere. The only muslim extremist groups they don’t support are the ones who have grown out of their control and now think they don’t have to answer to the Saudis. Of course, the media still acts like they are our best friends in the middle east. Even the worthless UN named them head of the Human Rights Council. This is a country that has daily beheadings of gays and women who try to drive or be in public without a man. The same country who treats anyone who isn’t Saudi as a second class citizen. Would you be shocked to hear the current owner of Twitter is also a Saudi Arabian Prince? No wonder twitter has become so censored and crazy in the last couple years.

With James Comey out, that leaves Andrew McCabe temporarily in charge of the FBI.