Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan, Episode 2

Donald Trump finds out his was being throttled on twitter, and being kept from seeing what his conservative followers are saying. Reddit just created the popular tab, in another effort to keep the_donald away from the front page. Just a few days before they had banned a couple other alt-right subreddits. They were doing whatever they can to censor conservative speech, both in real life and on the internet. Milo got the antifa treatment just like Reagan did when he visited Berkley. The people going to listen to Reagan and Milo both knew the risks of possibly getting into a fight just to hear someone speak. Trump had just issued his travel ban, and as I predicted, the Supreme Court would eventually back it up after some protests from some federal judges. I touch briefly on Julian Assange and whether or not he’s dead. 84 Lumber loses a bunch of customers to a terrible commercial. The first of many companies to make the mistake of angering conservatives. This is the same 84 lumber who paid out over $750,000 to workers they cheated out of overtime pay. Also during the Super Bowl, a hotel in Haiti is busted for being a child brothel. It just happens this hotel is across the street from where the Clintons like to stay. In California they just busted over 600 pedophiles and saved 28 child sex workers as well. Anonymous hacked and took down 20,000 child porn sites. Muslims from Afghanistan and savage places like it tend to have sex with young boys, but only if you’re rich. Joe Rogan had Alex Jones on his 911th episode. iTunes temporarily took down his episode, a first for JRE. All because they talked about Pizza Gate. Joe Rogan was red-pilled by Trumps tax plan by Alex Jones. Jones also talked about trans-dimensional pedophile aliens, but he was high. That’s about it for this episode.