Antifa’s first kill, RIP Harrison Brown. Episode 37

It’s May 1st 2017. Obama still has not commented on his illegal wiretapping of President Trump, Susan Rice has still not been questioned about her involvement, and Bill Clinton is still a rapist. This is the Make America Great Again Podcast.
Brittany Venti, a conservative journalist/internet troll, was arrested today for getting beaten with sticks by antifa. Good job NYPD. I get it, they were trying to resolve the situation and prevent further violence. They went about it the wrong way though. They need to “stop and frisk” these antifa people that are being violent, not take victims into protective custody to prevent further harm. Im sure it had nothing to do with all the white shirts (NYPD brass) all around the protest area. This is a serious blow to free speech.

And what would you expect with a guy like Bill De Blasio as mayor of New York? Today he called for more protests and 100 days of resistance. He is as corrupt as they come. His campaign donors are a bunch of real estate moguls. His two major issues are ending horse drawn carriages so stables can be converted to high end apartments, and a light rail connecting Queens and Brooklyn. His donors own all the property that it will use and they all will get much richer than they already are.

Next we have an attack at a university in Austin TX. Kendrex J White, a member of the Revolutionary Student Front, stabbed a few students, killing Harrison Brown. The school has asked students not to wear greek t-shirts, or fraternity logos on anything for a couple days since the victims all appear to be in a fraternity. One person was killed, and a few more injured. The attacker first slammed his knife into the end of a long picnic table full of students eating tacos from a food truck feet away. He stared them all down and removed the knife from the table. He then proceeded to slash a passerby in the back of the neck. Then stabbed another random person in the kidney, again from behind. At this point all the students fled and ran. The attacker then proceeded to find a another victim, stabbing him in the heart and killing him. A student with a concealed permit and a handgun close by ran to grab it as the attack slashed a 4th victim. The student with the gun then chased the man down and held him at bay as the police arrived and arrested the attacker. The group responsible for this hatred is the “Vandals of UT Austin, an antifa group. They recently admitted anonymously that they were the people responsible for recent vandalism of fraternity houses and administration buildings Their rant about how frat boys are rapists ending with this.

“To the fraternities and University: Prepare yourselves. We are at your gates. Your walls will fall. And you will be sacked.”
—The Vandals of UT Austin

If I remember correctly, being sacked usually means violence and death. So its not really a surprise this type of ideology has resulted in an attack like this. Antifa is literally calling for violence. Ask and ye shall receive. We also have organizations like The Daily Texan promoting this idea of commiting vandalism and violence against fraternities.

Obama’s Corrupt EPA and Russia Episode 19

Obama’s corrupt EPA was choking the life out of this country. Donald Trump is rolling back these Obama EPA regulations. I also talk about the Middle East, and how Russia is there to support their preferred oil pipeline. We are there to make sure we they all sell oil in US dollars, known as the petro-dollar.