Saudi Arabia and the Las Vegas Connection. Episode 44


Lets start off with some light hearted news before we go deep. Last Wednesday a former Marine sniper got a conviction overturned for taking a piss on a dead Taliban soldier from back in 2011, you know… when Obama was president. A couple cucked Generals meddled in the case to ensure a harsh punishment, because it looked good politically. Here’s the video of him taking a piss on a dead muslim for those interested. Now, I’m not saying this is in the best taste, but hear him out. Joseph Chamberlain said that he does not regret his actions and that he would do it again if he had the chance.


If anything, it was more of a psychological effect on the enemy because if an infidel touches the body, they’re not going to Mecca or paradise, So, now these insurgents see what happens when you mess with us.


Now thats what I call balls. No apology, he fought until it was overturned, says he would do it again. Got to love our military. Speaking of which, I hope you al have a great Veterans Day. You don’t need to thank a vet, as most of them don’t want the attention. Just maybe donate to a veteran charity, or donate directly to a veteran anonymously, a Six pack on his porch with a hundred tucked in it will do just fine to thank him for his service. Also a special happy birthday to our Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis. I still can’t believe we have him leading our armed forces. He’s like the second coming of General Patton. What a wonderful timeline we live in people.


If you missed my last episode, it was mostly about the arrest of Prince Alwaleed, the biggest Saudi investor in the US. He owned 40% of Citibank, 5% of Twitter, and, oh yeah, got Obama into Harvard, as well we paid for his college, and most of Hillary Clintons political campaign. He also helped pick out Obama’s cabinet members. He was in the business of buying presidents people. Anyways, go catch up if you need to, but I gave you the skinny of it right there. He wasn’t the only one arrested. We are talking about a hundred Saudi princes and government officials. This is a huge deal people.


This corruption crack down is being done by Mohammed bin Salman, the son of King Salman who was the Governor of Riyadh for 56 years before becoming Crown Prince himself in 2011. As Governor, Salman developed connections to every high office in the country. Mohammed was his fathers Chief Personal Advisor until his father because king. He was then named Defense Minister and Deputy Crown Prince (3rd in line)He’s been recently named Crown Prince, which just means next in line to be king. This has upset a lot of royal Saudi family members since he was not “next in line”. The last several kings were in their 60-70s when they got to be king. He’s only in his 30s, and he is popular with the “modernize Islam” crowd, and these arrests have just made him more popular. He reformed the military, and he’s reforming the economy, social norms, and religion.


Now to really understand the politics of Saudi Arabia, you have to understand there are about a thousand princes who all have different jobs and territories, or claims to whatever. The problem is the the king before King Salman, King Abdullah, was not into modernizing anything. He wanted the same old same old, and turned a blind eye to the sect of Saudi Arabia who promotes Wahhabism and supports terrorism, many of the same people the victims of 9/11 families have sued now for supporting the terrorists who attacked us and caused such great lose of life, forever changing our country as well. The Crown prince has already arrested several people responsible for the funding of 9/11 this week. This is a win for justice.


King Salman was King Abdullah’s 3rd choice for succession since the other 2 had died before Abdullah did. This is because King Salman’s son, the one who’s now Crown Prince, started attending cabinet meetings at the age of 12, and was very vocal about his urge to modernize the laws and the country, and to get away from the whole selling oil and promoting terrorism as their main goals in life. So much so, that King Abdullah made Salman promise to make one of Abdullah’s sons the Crown Prince, not his own. But once King Abdullah died, all bets were off. Salman was the new king, he could do what he wanted. With Trump running for president, swearing to eradicate muslim extremist terrorism, something Obama refuse to even say for 8 years, he waited.  Once Trump won all bets were off, especially once he came to Saudi Arabia, then directly to Israel back in May.


Now King Salmon didn’t choose a family member as usual to be the foreign minister, instead he chose an outsider name Adel al-Jubeir. He was a former ambassador to the US who was a master diplomat and used the classic iron fist and velvet glove method of diplomacy. You know someone who seems nice but is forceful and determined to never give up and get what he wants done no matter the cost. Do what he wants and everything peachy, oppose him and see what happens. Good thing is he is friends with Israel and for the first time in a long time theres a chance Saudi Arabia and Israel may hate each other a little less. That would be a good thing I’d say.


If you remember, Trump historically flew for the first time from Saudi Arabia to Israel back in may. First time a flight has flown directly between the two countries ever. That is how crazy they hate each other. So again, this is huge. We have a soon to be King of KSA that wants to modernize it, he has arrested a bunch of bad people, and he has already met with Trump to discuss it with him in the Whitehouse. Trump has let them know they are off the hook, they don’t have to sell their oil to us and they can do whatever they want. He freed them. For the first time, they are admitting they funded terrorism and are putting a stop to it, arresting the bad guys, hiring outsiders. They are actually giving me hope for the middle east, a first for me.


Now lets go down the rabbit hole. If you forgot your tinfoil hat at home, you might just stop here. So not sure about you, but so far absolutely nothing adds up when it comes to this Vegas Shooting. Im not going to go into as much details as I could, as I don’t know whats what at all. I just what to point out a few very obvious questions. Why did Jesus Campos plan on going on several shows, cancel at the last minute, disappear, then show up and mumble some simple yes and knows to whatever Ellen asked him? And thats it? We don’t get to know anything else ever? What about the fact he went to Mexico and back with a supposed leg wound from a bullet. The common thought is he was going to make the rounds and tell his crazy ass story that wasn’t going to vibe with the official narrative at all, and was literally on set in the green room about to go on and then vanished, eventually going all the way to Mexico and back. Is it crazy to say MGM went, “Here is a briefcase with 50 million dollars, just leave and don’t come back. And he was like, Yup. He’s got like 15 family members in Mexico. He could go have a great life. Then boom, they drag him back for a Ellen interview because she’s got slot machines in the MGM and would lose money if they lose money. She will play soft ball with him and ask him their questions, and offer up the answers as well so the Jesus guy can just nod his head or say yes. He must be a terrible liar or just an idiot if they are this scared he will possible slip up is all I’m saying. And now the LVPD and FBI won’t comment any further on the investigation. So that great. It would make a little more sense though if there was a possible plot to kill the Crown Prince himself supposedly in the Tropicana the same night the Las Vegas shooting happened. Theres a video of several armed guards with rifles pointed at casino patrons as they escorted him out of the place. If they were trying to kill him, it would make sense. Waleed, from early, owns the top 4 floors of the Mandalay Bay, the 4 above where the guns and the dead body of Paddock was. Its not crazy to think 4 floors full of Saudi people who would love to see the Crown Prince dead were across a large lawn current filled with concert goers from the Crown Prince himself, at the Tropicana. So If the Las Vegas attack was really a failed assassination attempt that they decided to turn into a terrorist attack for whatever reason. Makes about as much sense as some white dude shooting a few of the hundreds of clips he brought and giving up and shooting himself. If it was some crazy international thing that they all had to keep quiet at the behest of even Trump himself it would explain why they just gave up on trying and then stop all together. Theres a helipad on roof of the Mandalay Bay. The real shooters could have easy escaped. There was a video of a helicopter as it was happening in the sky from one of the concert goers. Point is if there were multiple shooters, like more in the Tropicana, as both reported on the scanner and by eye witness. Thats where the Crown prince was escorted out of. And they could has easily used the shooting as a distraction to lure him out. Theres no telling. So this was less of a terror attack, and possible an attempted coup in Saudi Arabia. And not the Crown Prince in fighting back, and arresting those responsible not just for this but for all the corruption he has witnessed since he was 12 years old.


Speaking of witnesses, that brings us to our final topic. Orville Almon, the lawyer representing the Route 91 music festival and Jason Aldean, the singer onstage when the Las Vegas shooting began, has been found dead. Before so, he had described meetings with MGM, Las Vegas police, and the FBI as “incredibly strange and complex”. Almon’s death, described by local Nashville media as “seizure during sleep”, mirrors that of Kymberley Suchomel of Apple Valley, California, a shooting survivor who was found dead in her home, hours after her husband left for work.

Ms. Suchomel gave a very detailed account of what happened in Las Vegas, insisting there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting. Claiming that mainstream media was not telling the truth, Kymberley was planning on creating a survivor’s group to continue the quest for truth and justice.

Then there was Danny Contreras, an eyewitness Las Vegas shooting survivor who publicly claimed there were multiple shooters involved in the attack, found dead in an empty house in Las Vegas with multiple gunshot wounds in the northeastern valley after a neighbor heard a man groaning inside the building and called 911. His tweet was retweeted hundreds of times.“Feeling lcky to be alive. cant beleive i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky.”

Police say Contreras was dead when they arrived at the 5800 block of East Carey Avenue, near North Nellis Boulevard. The woman who called emergency services to the scene says she didn’t hear any gunshots, but the coroner confirmed that Danny Contreras, 35, died of “multiple gunshot wounds” and ruled his death a homicide. Sounds like a silencer or a body dump to me.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver, a Las Vegas couple who survived the Las Vegas shooting and were speaking out about the lies being pushed in the official narrative, were engulfed by flames in their car just meters from their home in Las Vegas.

According to the Riverside County Fire Department, the vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community at 10:50 p.m. on the 20000 block of Avenida De Arboles. It took firefighters nearly an hour to put out the fire, the Riverside County Fire Department said in an official statement. I can tell you where most accidents don’t happen where you die, and thats before you make it out of your gated community. Remember how the CIA can hack cars and drive them into tree like old Michael Hastings?

John Beilman, who was wanted by the FBI after they found a phone in the hotel room of the Stephen Paddock, killed both himself and his disabled daughter in an apparent murder-suicide. Sounds like someone tying up loose ends to me.

Chad Nishimura, the Mandalay Bay valet who parked Stephen Paddock’s car, went missing in the days following the shooting, after giving an interview to a Hawaiian mainstream outlet KITV4 in which he contradicted the official narrative, and pointed out that Paddock “didn’t have many bags.” Certainly not enough to cart 27 semi-automatic weapons, thousands of rounds and modifications up to the room. Then he has never been heard from since. No one knows where he is. Maybe hiding? Hopefully hiding… The alternative is not good for him.

UPDATE : Chad Nishimura is dead. Shot outside of a church. No witnesses. Police are calling is a “botched robbery”. A real shocker. Definitely not in any way similar to Seth Rich’s death. Thanks to “Jon’ for pointing this out.

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